"no homo" the bear cried, ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Hello friends my name's Valerie and I am an 18 year old Russian girl living in California : ) I'm not quite sure what I should be doing here so I guess I'll just reblog things I like such as Pokemon and cartoon shows and bears and VIDEO GAMES [Fallout and Mass Effect and Animal Crossing mostly]? I love to draw even if I am terrible at it so you can have some drawings too. :') I also love to talk to people so please feel free to leave an ask if you'd like to chat! uvu

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when ur battling ice type pokemon


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fake article — the inquisition 

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My dog is growin up ;-;


My dog is growin up ;-;

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d.a.n.c.e // justice

you were such a pyt
catching all the lights
just easy as abc
that’s how you make it right

bye this still goes

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everyone in California is either gonna die of dehydration in a drought or burn up in a wildfire, your in-n-out burger and snotty sense of superiorty bullshit wont save u this time fuckers

Yea maybe im gonna burn but im gonna rise from the ashes and eat in n out and tell u how good it is

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choclety milk shakes likes his baths

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Shiny Grass Starters
Fire|Water|Sprite Source

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rise above, gonna start the war
oh, what you want, what you need, what’d you come here for?
well, an eye for an eye and an ‘f’ for fight
they’re taking me down as the prisoners riot

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Made a Pyro sprite! I actually really like how it turned out!Small version:


Made a Pyro sprite! I actually really like how it turned out!

Small version:

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Which bear are you most like? Find out by taking this quiz by USA Today.


Which bear are you most like? Find out by taking this quiz by USA Today.

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Anonymous said: hhoW was orientation

it was GOOD i talked to a bunch of people and stayed up all night walking around and talking to peopl and made some friends and a bunch of people somehow know people that i knew at my school one way or another??? small world

also i WASNT THE ONLY GIRL at my school (my major is computer game science so my school has like software engineers and general comp sci majors that sort of thing)) and i talked about video games with a lot of people : )

everyone was SUPER nice and chill also cuz my school (uc irvine) is not as competitive as, like, berkeley and our school has a huge park in the middle (its just a big circle with classes on the outside of the ring and trees and grass in the middle its really nice)

also our mascot is the anteater and we are really proud of it like

look at this picture of obama doin the anteater symbol at our 2014 graduation ceremony

heck yah

Tags: all in all it was good also i went into the big fountain in my pajamas at like 4 am cuz its a tradition to go in on ur first day as an anteater yeha IRVINE Anonymous
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